Proud to present the exhibition

Private View: Friday 9th May 2014
18:00-21:00 PM

(Closing – 11th May 2014)

Artists involved in this Exhibition: Cathlin Coyle. Elizabeth Flanagan McCormick. Amy Leatherland. Raymond Martin. Jenny Mellish. Hannah Pillai. Phoebe Piper. Samantha Russell. Sue Rowlands. Camilla Willott. Karolina Zglobicka.

How do we find roots of escape from the contemporary City?

A diverse range of Sculpture, painting, digital film, performance and photography is brought together to investigate the question; Why do we need to escape reality?
It is in human nature to want to find escape from reality. We seek refuge in our day dreams, our misty memories of happy times. Books, TV, games and art offer other forms of an alternate reality. As contemporary artists living in Manchester it has become relevant for many of us to find roots of escape from our modern world. The exhibition will present works which question and investigate why we continuously seek out forms of escape presenting the many aspects and manifestations escapism can take.
It encompasses the sublime landscape, the uncanny, memories, day dreams, fairy tales, abstract imagery, magical portraits and the harsh reality of the modern world.
Come to our exhibition to transcend reality and stand in reverie, after which you may reflect with clarity on what reality might be.

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